Thursday, August 2, 2012

new tricks

In the last couple of weeks Tatum started sporadically pulling herself up on things but she was so unstable and would fall. I am amazed at how quickly she masters her new skills.  One day she can't do it, the next day she is a pro. I wish I could learn that fast.  The novelty of this newest skill has yet to wear out.  She thinks she is is the coolest thing when she gets to a standing position. It is way too cute.

Speaking of skills mastered overnight, how about crawling? I swear all I have to do is turn around and she is capable of something new.  The army crawl is a thing of the past.  She almost exclusively hands-and-knees-crawls now.  It is fun and exciting to see her gain these new skills but it these mobility abilities sure do change your life.  She is into everything!  Here's the proof: a video of her crawling in order to get her hands on the computer, little stinker.

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