Friday, August 10, 2012

sick kids and sleepovers

Tuesday night Kelbie, Caden and Macy came over for one last sleep over before school starts next week. Can you believe school starts already? It seems so early! It ended up being the wrong day to choose for a party though.  That afternoon Tatum started to get fussy and had a bit of a fever.  I thought maybe it was just teething and figured it would be gone by morning. I thought wrong.  Her fever got to 101 during the night and the poor girl just had a hard time sleeping.  So I was up most of the night, sleeping on and off in the chair in her room and out on the couch while holding her.  It was a long night.  Her fever went down around 4 in the morning and she started sleeping a little better. Then the next morning she just wasn't herself.  She wouldn't nurse or drink from a bottle and she was so clingy.  I'm pretty sure one of the things the kids look forward to most when coming to our house is playing with Tatum and sadly they got to do very little of it.  I was able to sneak away without her noticing in order to take a shower and get ready and she played with them just fine.  But that was about it.  On Tuesday night we watched the olympics, had some dessert, playing ping pong and the boys stayed up late to play the Wii of course. Then Wednesday morning we watched the movie Mirror, Mirror and then headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream in the early afternoon before taking them home.  Certainly not the most exciting time...I often wonder why they even request sleep overs, we are so boring!  Of course we were a little more distracted this time with our sick child. It's the first time she has really been sick and I'm not looking forward to the next. It is sad and exhausting and no matter what, you worry.  Or at least I do.

I was letting Tatum cry it out for her afternoon nap and when I went in to check on her this is what I found. This was my first sign that she wasn't feeling well (so instead of rescuing her, I took the time to snap a picture. Yes, I am a great mom, I know. :)) The chewing on the crib is what led me to believe it might just be teething.
 She had to show off for Kelbie and Macy and stand up in the tub even though it's so slippery she almost always falls.
 Here she is in the morning sitting with Caden for part of the movie.  So lethargic.
Well I guess it's good to have the first illness behind us.  Now we will be pros in the future haha.  And hopefully the next sleepover won't be quite as boring guys, sorry!

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