Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We are trying to take full advantage of the last few weeks of relative relaxation before Brennan heads back to school and we go back to feeling like we never see him. A combination of the extreme heat and a 7:30 bedtime for Tatum makes us feel like some pretty boring people, but we have managed to have some fun.

After living in North Liberty for about two years we have finally started exploring our little town.  We tried out their frisbee golf course one day.  It wasn't the most impressive, but hey, it's something to do!

Plus, Brennan wants to be sure to get Tatum started young. :)
Speaking of starting her young....we have a ping pong table! It was Brennan's anniversary/Father's day present.  It has actually been really great with the aforementioned early bedtime.  We now have another option besides plopping down in front of the tv!  And since Tatum is going to be a tennis star it's good for her to get an early start with ping pong. :)
North Liberty has some pretty nice biking trails that we have been able to try out a few times.  If the ride is even kind of long, Tatum will inevitably fall asleep by the end.  It looks so uncomfortable, but there's no waking her up.

Getting a drink halfway through a ride.  Who knew riding on the back was such hard work?
Snoozing. Her neck has got to be sore after sleeping like that!
 Tatum went to her first birthday party last weekend.  It was funny to watch her with all the kids.  We tried to get a picture of all the kids there, but that didn't go so well. Here are our off-to-the-side attempts.

The birthday girl, Oakley, is the one crying.  The poor girl was not having the best time at her own party. All of the kids, except little Eliza, are mobile so getting them to stay was a challenge. Tatum, though, was so mesmerized by all that was going on that she didn't move a muscle.  It was the funniest thing.

We went bowling the other night with my family. It's always nice to do things with them because there are always plenty of people willing to entertain the tater tot. Here she is with Caden.
These days Tatum is wishing she was old enough to eat whatever we eat. She always tries to beg for some of our food.  Whenever I eat an apple I let her lick it a few times and then when I throw the core away she will just cry and cry.  Kind of sad but it makes me laugh every time.  We made some homemade popsicles a few weeks ago with sprite, white grape juice, and mango.  Tatum would seriously go nuts every time we had them, climbing all over us trying to grab them. She got her way, of course. So spoiled.
Those are some of the things we have been up to lately! Every day Tatum seems to learn more ways to get into trouble.  She keeps me on my toes that's for sure.  I am dreading the loneliness the fall will bring but for now I'm just trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer.


  1. I love those pictures of the bday party. She definitely looks mesmerized!

  2. A ping pong table! Lucky ducks! And I'm glad you're starting Tatum on frisbee already. It's important to start them young :) Good luck when Brennan goes back to school.