Monday, September 10, 2012

apples and bananas

Tatum loves fruit! Obviously this a good thing, but the little stinker isn't very good at sharing. I have an apple pretty much every afternoon and as soon as she sees that I have it she will book it over to me and insist on having more than her fair share.  It's hard for me to even take a bite without her complaining.  The same goes for bananas.  Except that they are so soft that it didn't take long before she was breaking off huge chunks in her mouth and then spitting them out.  Can't a woman just eat a piece of fruit in peace?! ;) Haha, just kidding, I actually find it quite adorable, surprise surprise.

Check out that concentration.

After a few days she started the two handed death grip on my hand to try to make it harder for me to take it away to get a bite myself.

 Frequently I just cut a piece off for her to gnaw on.  It keeps her busy and leaves the rest of the apple for me. We tried a little fruit muncher thing but she wouldn't use it, so eventually the apple gets real slippery and hard for her to hold onto.

After completely destroying a banana in her eagerness to get some of it, now I just give her little pieces she can pick up and eat.  See, I may be a little slow but I'm figuring it out!

And now a little video for your enjoyment.  That is, if you get enjoyment out of watching a little baby gnaw on an apple. I thought it was cute, but parenthood does weird things to you. :)

I'm having serious issues getting a video to load to the blog so here's a link!

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