Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Iowa soccer

A week or so ago we went to an Iowa girls soccer game. It was a fun little family outing for us and we couldn't have chosen a more beautiful night for it. It even got a bit chilly by the time we left! It was funny to watch Tatum in the grass. Because of the hot and dry summer we have had our lawn is not real pretty. Or fun to sit on.  They obviously take the time and spend the money to keep the grass around the soccer field looking really good.  It was like Tatum had never felt real grass before.  She didn't know what to think when she would feel it under her feet. It is always fun to watch her reaction to new things.

Watching the game with dad.  And her trusty cow.  
 Trying on mom's shades since the sun was right in our faces!
 She decided chewing on them would be much more productive than trying to wear them.

Where's Tatum?
Oh, there she is! She was just hiding behind her huge feet!
A funny story from the night: At one point during the game Brennan did raspberry's on Tatum's tummy.  The only problem was that he did it a lot louder than he intended.  Just about everyone else that was sitting the grass turned to look at us.  But then one lady sort of chuckled to herself and said, "somebody's gassy".  It was pretty funny....maybe you had to be there. :)

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  1. haha! thats awkward. You didn't even tell us whether or not Iowa won the game. Were you even watching?? It's okay. I wouldn't be watching either with someone as cute as Tatum around.