Friday, September 14, 2012

getting to know Tatum

I spend all day, every day with Tatum.  So I know her pretty well, right? I feel like I do.  And yet I feel like every day I get to know who Tatum is just a little bit more.  I guess I never really thought of parenthood being that way, but it makes sense. Tatum will continue to grow and develop and change and I'm lucky enough to be around for all of her growth and changes.

So what's new with Tatum these days?

She definitely knows when she doesn't like something and is sure to let you know.

She is becoming quite the ham.

She can often be found playing peek-a-boo in the curtains.  If you ask "where's Tatum?" she will pull them off of her and just yell.  It manages to make me laugh every time.
She has an obsession with putting dirty shoes in her mouth. And also diapers. I'm not sure why I spend any money on toys for this child. Give her a diaper and she can be entertained for a nice long time.  The problem is she likes dirty diapers too.  If we leave the dirty one wrapped up on the floor for even a second she will get it and play with it.  Sick-o.
She loves to look at herself in the mirror.  There is a small mirror on her play mat but usually she would only take interest in the bathroom mirror.  Recently, however, I have found her squealing at herself in the mirror on the play mat.  She will talk to herself for several minutes at a time. It includes a lot of laughing, she sure thinks she is hilarious.
Every once in awhile she will slow down enough to be sweet and give kisses.

Playing with her just gets to be more and more fun.

She likes to be loud.  All the time. Especially in restaurants or Church or when I'm on the phone.  You know, whenever it would be really nice if she could be quiet. :)

See what I mean? She's a loud one.

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