Friday, September 7, 2012


Last Friday was family free night at the mall so we took Tatum for her first carousel experience. It was not her favorite thing.  I made the mistake of encouraging Brennan to take her, thinking she wouldn't mind not being with me. But once she could see me outside the little gate she was not happy that she couldn't get to me.  She clung to Brennan the whole time and eventually he just got her off the horse and held her. She looked pretty cute though!

You can tell by the blur that she was on a fast-moving steed! :)
 At then end I thought I would try to get a decent, non-blurry shot, but she was literally climbing up Brennan and would not turn for a picture.
After going to a couple of stores we decided to try it again but with me taking her this time. I guess you could say it went a little better, but really not much.  She stayed on her horse, I mean rabbit the whole time. Yeah, she definitely didn't get as cool of a creature with me.  A rabbit?! But she did enjoy her second ride a teensy bit more. Perhaps in a few more months she will start to like the carousel.  Her parents enjoyed it! :)

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