Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 months

It's totally old news that Tatum had a birthday, but this week she finally had her check up so now we have

Weight: 17 pounds 6 oz (3rd percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (56th percentile)
Head circumference: 45 cm (around 50th percentile)

The poor girl had to get three shots and a finger prick yesterday. Not fun. Plus she pooped right before they came in to give her the shots so I had to change her after when all she wanted was to be held. It was sad. :(

The 12th month of life was a big one for Tatum, full of lots of changes.

-We said good-bye to the binky this month, not necessarily by choice.  We were planning on getting rid of it soon so when my mom and sister lost our last one while babysitting her we decided there was no time like the present. The first few days weren't bad. But then she started crying for over an hour at nap time before I would give up and she just wouldn't nap. It took about a week a half for her to finally adjust.

-She still says "hi". Usually when she pretends to talk on the phone or when she hears Skype on the computer.

-She says "ah-ah" for dog and absolutely loves to see Duke at my parents' house.

-I started the weaning process this month and she has made the full switch to whole milk.  It all went relatively smoothly. But she did not like drinking milk from a cup. She had been drinking one bottle of formula a day just to supplement.  We changed it over to whole milk and she did just fine. But when we decided to get rid of the bottle too she refused to drink milk from a cup.  She probably went about a week where the only milk she got was when she nursed before bed. And then a day or so where she wasn't getting anything because I stopped nursing completely. Then she suddenly decided milk from a cup wasn't so bad afterall.  Whew! It was stressing me out and  I was about ready to go back to bottles. I'm glad she figured it out! But what a lot of adjusting for a little girl in a short amount of time- no binky, no bottle, no nursing- all in a matter of a couple of weeks.

-Just recently she has started to say "mmmmmm" when she wants what you are eating. She is a moocher, that is for sure.

-She loves to sing 5 Little Ducks, especially when she is getting her diaper changed. She even tries to copy some of the actions.

-She still only has 2 teeth! I'm ready for her to get a few more so that it will be easier for her to eat more real food.

Tatum is so fun and I love spending my days with her and watching her grow and learn. How lucky am I?!


  1. She is a shrimp just like Jade! Maybe it will take her just as long to get hair too! :)

  2. Man, weaned and losing the binky all at once! That sounds traumatizing. I didn't give up the binky until I was 6 (my poor parents). She is at such a fun age--I'm glad you put in all the cute things she does.