Wednesday, January 23, 2013

San Diego: days 5 and 6

On Wednesday morning we took family pictures.  It was quick and efficient and we got a few good shots with minimal tears. There are a lot of kids to keep happy! The rest of the morning we just enjoyed the sun. We laid in the sun, we walked in the sun, we gave swings in the sun, and drew in the sun. Everything is better in the sun.

Then we decided that since we enjoyed the beach so much the day before why not go back? This time we headed straight west to find (what we thought was) a closer beach in Oceanside. It actually took us just about as long to get to this beach and then when we got there the beautiful weather we had enjoyed all morning was gone! It was cold and foggy. We still hung out for awhile and some even played some football on the beach.
 Our little sailor.
That night we did cake and ice cream for mom's "birthday" and we gave her her new iPad. I think most of her grandkids were just as excited as she was about it.
Thursday was a choose your own adventure day. Crystal's family (who came Tuesday night, I don't think I included that in Tuesday's activities) headed to Disneyland. Caleb's family went to Legoland. And the rest of us (mom and dad, Nathan's family, Mara's family, and us) sat around trying to decide what to do with our day. We considered going to Sea World but in the end we decided against it. We ended up heading to Temecula to go to Pennypickle's Workshop, a children's museum. It wasn't as good as its description sounded but it was entertaining for awhile. Our favorite part was definitely the maze with a black light that made Jade's face look filthy. We all got a good laugh from looking at each other in there.

Papa, Mallory and Tatum playing the crazy piano.

 Libbie in the hot air balloon.

 On the earthquake simulator.
 In the black light.
 Hahahaha. This pictures makes me laugh everytime. Mom was making a crazed face to show what she looked like in the black light but then the flash went off so she just looks crazy. :)

 Libbie trying to control the crazies.
After that successful choice we headed to another great place got Queen Califia's magical garden. It was just a bunch of really random sculptures in the middle of a park. It was a little strange and quite freezing.

We headed back to the resort after that and played a game or two. Then we got the report from Legoland and then the adults headed to the overpriced resort restaurant and the kids stayed in the room with pizza and a movie. It was nice to have some quiet for awhile.

Jealous yet? :) More to come!

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