Wednesday, January 30, 2013

better late than never

As I was organizing a few photos on our computer I noticed that there was a fair chunk of pictures from December mostly that I never blogged about. My first thought was that this wasn't a big deal, the few people who read my blog don't need to see every picture I ever take haha. But I do hope to print my blog at some point as a journal/scrapbook and I don't want to leave these things out. So here's a post full of random old pictures and happenings.

The first batch is full of pictures of Tatum when we got out all the Christmas decorations. Christmas (and all of the decorations that go along with it) is magical and it was fun to decorate with Tatum's "help" this year.

My mom made this cute felt tree for the wall so Tatum could take the ornaments off as much as she wanted to. She still made a habit of taking the ornaments off the real tree but I think she will really enjoy having her own little tree as she gets older.

Around this time Tatum learned how to blow bubbles. We would frequently hear her going "mmmaaaaaaaaaaa-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" over and over as she made bubbles with her mouth. I'm not sure why she felt like she had to make noise the whole time she did it but it was pretty cute. Here is my attempt to capture it on camera.

On the first weekend in December we got together with our friends, the Jensens, for some crepes and orange julius (brilliant menu planning! ;)). Then we headed up to Cedar Rapids for the nativity display and to hear my mom's harp group play. They add a new awesome feature to this event every year I think. First it was refreshments and now it is a kids' room! We took the girls in there and when we saw they had costumes to wear and do a live nativity we just couldn't pass it up.


Do we look awesome or what? haha. The best was definitely Brennan's shoes, they certainly completed his genie shepherd outfit.
We also went to our ward Christmas party early in December and Tatum got another chance to sit on Santa's lap. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit impressed and proud that she managed not to cry every time she sat with Santa this year. She was probably just a little too young to get scared.
The night before Tatum's birthday we met up with my old friend and neighbor, Grant, at the mall for some dinner and catching up.  We even convinced/forced him to hold Tatum.  It was fun to see him!

And last but not least we had my family over sometime between Christmas and New Year's and we played a little Just Dance on the Wii.  Always makes for good photo ops, right?
I love this one because they all seem to be doing a different move. Too funny.

Good times, good times.

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  1. Ha! Brennan really does look like a genie! And I love the Wii dance party--that looks awesome.