Tuesday, January 22, 2013

San Diego: days 3 and 4

On Monday we decided to just hang out around the resort. Originally it was supposed to be a beach day but we knew the weather was supposed to be better the next day so we changed our plans. So in the morning we played basketball and checked out what the rec center had to offer (Wii, xbox, pool, foosball, etc). It was around this time that I also decided it was time for some medication to make my earache go away. Let me tell you, have a PA for a sister definitely has it's perks. :) Then in the afternoon we braved the pool. The kids loved it, of course, but most of the adults agreed that it was far too cold. The hot tub felt good though. :)

Tatum all decked out.
 Jade and Tatum dipping their feet in the hot tub.
 Nathan on the water slide.

 Caden and Libbie even convinced grandma to brave the ice cold slide.

 Mara was harder to convince so Caden and Ben tried to just carry her.
 Brennan, Tatum, Gavin, Mallory and Henry.
 I love this picture for two reasons. The way Claire is looking at Grandma is great and the fact that Tatum has Claire's hair in her hand is just too perfect.
 They thought riding in the back would help them dry off.
Jaren and Wyatt enjoyed some horsey rides from Papa that evening.

 Jade and Tatum definitely thought bathing together was a highlight of the trip.
 After we got the girls dressed in their matching pajamas (yes, we are cool) we headed back to the rec center for some fun and games that night.

 This is quite possibly my favorite picture ever.
Tuesday morning we headed down to San Diego to look at the USS Midway and take a little stroll.

Brennan likes to hang out with the cool kids, Caden and Libbie, and do awesome things like what you are about to see. :)

After our walk we headed to a taco place and then a park to eat. Then it was finally beach time! We are such rookies and came completely unprepared. I didn't put Tatum in her swimsuit because when we were at the beach on Saturday she cried as soon as she touched the water and wanted us to carry her the rest of the time. By Tuesday she had changed her mind though. So she got wet and sandy in her clothes. Oh well. Live and learn, right?

She loved the sand.
 Mara and Ella enjoying the sunshine.
 The wet sand was even better!

 Another favorite picture.
 Jaren the mermaid.
 Cute cousins playing in the sand.
 Eating the sand. Totally good for her, right?
 Claire needed a good hosing off by the end.
 She's on a mission.
 So beautiful. Ahhh. I miss it.
 TV!!!! These two were a little too mesmerized apparently. But it makes for a cute picture, especially in the footies.
Two more great days of vacation. And still more to come. :)

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  1. That is quite possibly the best picture ever. And yes, sand is quite nutritious. You should try it sometime!