Saturday, August 31, 2013

Niabi Zoo

Next on our list to do was visit Niabi Zoo. It is a smaller zoo, but quite close and we figured it would be big enough for Tatum.  We were probably there for 2 to 2 and a half hours and I think that was just about perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather either, so beautiful! 

The first animals we saw were the elephants. I think these guys were the most fascinating for Tatum. We heard that the zoo is actually getting rid of them so we were lucky to get to see them.

You would never guess it was so early in our day at the zoo when you look at Tatum's face in these next two photos. I think she was actually trying to make an elephant noise, not look tired and exasperated. 

There was a little petting/feeding zoo for kids with goats, sheep, llamas, pigs and cows. We paid for a couple handfuls of the  feed and the entertainment was well worth it. Tatum thought it was pretty hilarious when the goats would eat off her hands. But when we stopped by later she wouldn't have anything to do with. I guess during the break she decided it was actually kind of scary.

The birds were not my favorite, although they never really are. Inside, they had parrots that were not in cages with signs that said "caution birds will bite". Um....okay? So why are they not behind glass? They made the most atrociously loud noises and it was altogether unpleasant. Poor Tatum looked quite alarmed the entire time we were in there.

They had a few different types of monkeys and Tatum loved to watch them. They were some of the only animals that were really active and she would just laugh and laugh when they would swing around.
The lion was another hit. I think it was partly because so many other kids were standing there watching him, it made her feel cool. :)
And she loved when daddy helped her climb the fence too.
This bobcat gave us quite the show when he ounces on the fence right in front of us. It scared all of us so I tried to take a video of Tatum afterward to see if she would do her scared "sign". The video is kind of a lot of my annoying voice but at about 25 seconds you can see a quick example of what she does when she is scared.

Why does she do it? So probably about a month ago she set the car alarm off while we were on the garage and it scared me so I sort of gasped and put my hand over my heart, you know what I'm talking about? Well ever since then whenever she is "scared" (aka hears a plane, a train, the garbage truck, a dog, etc) she breathes heavily and pats her chest. So random but so funny.

Checking out her wingspan.
Mesmerized by more monkeys.

I love giraffes! So cool! We found out the next week that one of the giraffes had a baby just a few days after we were there. At first I was so shocked that we didn't know she was pregnant, but then I realized I have no idea what a pregnant giraffe looks like haha. Sadly, the report on the news said the baby only lived a few hours.

My two crazy monkeys.

Checking out the zebras. She is so solemn!
I just thought this picture was funny. I'm not sure why we are both acting like we can't open our eyes.

After the zoo we headed to a park on the river and had a picnic lunch.

The playground had some interesting equipment that we have never seen before which is always fun.

And there was a really nice splash pad there too. It was a little too chilly for a splash pad in my opinion but of course it didn't seem to bother Tatum. 
Once we had her good and worn out from the zoo, the playground and the splash pad we headed for home. And she stayed awake the whole time, go figure. :)

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