Monday, March 23, 2015

Asian Civilizations Museum and Eggs-travaganza on Sentosa

Saturday was quite a long day for us. We left the house around 8:30 to go clean the church and we got home around 8:30 that night. Don't worry, it didn't take us that long to clean the church. :) We had planned on heading down to the Sentosa area after we were done. Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore. I think the beaches there are probaby the best you'll find in Singapore. You can also find Universal Studios and the aquarium and loads of other stuff there. 

One of our friends, who was also helping clean the church, invited us to the Asian Civilations Museum with him and his girls. It was sort of on the way to Sentosa so we took him up on it. The museum was really neat. No doubt I could have enjoyed it more without my children but oh well. They were also doing a lot of construction there so a couple of the galleries were closed. We will have to go back another time.
The detail in this work is so impressive.

Lots of Buddhas to be seen.

One of the things going on at Sentosa was the Easter Eggs-travaganza. They had a contest for egg designs and they picked 100 who got to then make their design on a giant egg and they are on display all over Sentosa. Having so recently participated in Herky on Parade back home, we were excited to head down and check it out. But Herky left some large shoes to be filled I guess. Brennan just kept saying how much less impressive it was than a giant Herky. :) Cam and his girls decided to continue with us so Tatum would have been excited about anything we were looking for, she was just happy to have friends along on the adventure.

The first egg we found, before we crossed over to Sentosa. All the girls thought Brennan was crazy for asking them to stand for a picture. By egg #2 they were fine with it.

Giving the egg some love.

We finally were nice enough to free Declan from his stroller for awhile and he walked right up to the egg and backed himself into it. Apparently he had been watching things closely.

As you can see we didn't anywhere close to 100 eggs. And I doubt we will make it back before Easter to hunt for anymore, but it was fun.

Cam and the girls left at this point and we stayed to see what Sentosa was all about.  Tatum really wanted to run through these fountains so we let her.
I start laughing just looking at this next picture. Brennan grabbed Declan to take him with them the net time. Here they are waiting to try to time it right so they don't get soaked. Next thing I know Brennan starts running and the first fountain he runs over shoots up at just the right time to nail him and Declan in the face. I wish I would have been video taping it because the sound of shock and surpris that came out of Brennan was priceless.
Declan was a good sport and didn't even complain about it.
More eggs.

5 in one place. Nice.

We got to watch a bit of a magic show that was going on. I found it quite boring but Tatum was enthralled. I kept trying to entice her to move on by mentioning the beach but she just realy wanted to watch him. 

A photographer was just finishing taking some pictures of this egg when we came up. After we took this one of the kids she asked me if she could take a picture of all of us with the egg. She had some sort of tag/badge on, so she was apparently taking photos to advertise for the egg event, or Sentosa, or something. Then she asked Brennan if she "could trouble you to pretend to take a 'selfie'". As we were posing for this lovely, and undoubtedly quite natural looking, photo I tried to tell Brennan to take a picture of her with his phone while he was pretending to take a selfie. Unfortunately by the time he understood what I was saying it was too late haha.
After all that posing fun we crossed this bridge.
So that we could be on the southernmost point of continental Asia. That's cool. I guess.
Oh Tatum and her photo faces.
These two and their hugs. It never ever ever gets old.

And after ALL that waiting, Tatum could finally get in the water. While they were in the bathroom changing it started to rain. Luckily not very much and they weren't about to let it stop them.
Declan loves loves loves the sand. But totally hates the waves coming in. It terrifies him. Here he is watching it come.
And here he is reacting to the water touching him.
Somehow in the hustle of leaving the house that morning I forgot my swimsuit so I had to sit this one out. It was kind of a bummer to not be able to cool off in the water.

Still mad about the water.
She wasn't mad about a thing. She could live at the beach.

One final egg with a little bit of head popping and photo bombing going on.
We were all good and tired, hot and sweaty by the time we got home. We didn't waste a minute of this Saturday, that is for sure.


  1. Head popping? Where did the come from? Those pictures on the beach are awesome! I like how Declan backed up the egg like he knew the routine. And you look great Rachel! Sounds like a fun and exhausting day. :)

  2. Oh how I love seeing Tatum with the Nelson girls! So fun! Cam has always been like a big brother! The beach and that bridge look amazing. What a fun adventure!