Sunday, March 8, 2015

Declan at 16 months

This happy guy is 16 months old today. Kind of a random age for an update but  I haven't done one in awhile and so here it goes. 

He really is usually quite happy. It's just that when he is mad, he is really really mad and he goes from happy to mad in a split second. It can be because he wants a toy Tatum has, because the rug got in the way of whatever he was pushing, because he is in his floaty in the pool, or because he wants out of the stroller on the train. He has no way to reallly communicate unfortunately, so he just screams bloody murder. It doesn't get old at all. :) Brennan said it well when he said Declan has two cries, one makes you have sympathy for him and if the other one makes you act in the way he wants it is only to get him to STOP crying, not because you have any sympathy.

He tends to be a charmer on public transportation. He definitely has his moments of terror but for the most part he just loves all the attention he gets. Which is actually a really huge blessing. Since he likes all the attention he is constantly entertained and if he is entertained long rides on the train or bus are a lot less stressful.

Declan is starting to have a few words. If you count animal sounds as words that is. :) He says moo, roar, meow, woof woof, quack quack, baa. He also says dada but refuses to say mama. He says some sort of cross between mama and more when he wants food. He also says all done. That one is actually my favorite because of the way he says it. When Tatum does some number 2 on the toilet she calls for us to wipe. She always yells "allllll doooonnnne" in the same sing songy tone. Declan has managed to master a perfect mimic of her tone and I find it hilarious. It's not so funny when he starts saying it as soon as I put him in his high chair though. He has been a bit of a non eater lately. I'd say picky, but it's not really that. He just doesn't eat. He will drink milk so luckily that seems to be sustaining him. :)

Reading books is probably Declan's favorite activity these days. He will read almost every book in our house in one sitting. And he is so cute when he brings you a book that you just can't say no. We couldn't bring all of our kids books but we did bring quite a few. Unfortunately not quite enough to not make me good and tired of the ones we did bring. 

He loves to dance to music, play catch, drive his cars and trucks, and play with his baby. Tatum was nice enough to pass her old baby with an arm barely hanging on onto Declan. She's just generous like that. :) It's pretty fun to watch them both playing with their babies together. 

Speaking of that, holy cow I don't think I knew how happy I could be until I watched these two loving each other. Don't get me wrong it's not always a song and dance around here. Some days they are just off and I swear you can tell as soon as they roll out of bed. But some days/hours/minutes/maybe even just seconds they are so dang good together and it just makes me feel so happy. Declan is growing into his own person and they can kind of actually play together and it is just awesome. I love watching him wanting to do everything Tatum does and copying her every move. Man older siblings don't know how good they have it. Tatum could totally use this worshipping to her advantage if she could just learn to play her cards right.

After family prayers every night we say time for hugs!! And he will give Tatum the biggest hug. It's pretty much my favorite five seconds of every day. Also before prayers we sing "roll your hands" to hopefully prep the kids and make prayers at least slightly more reverent. He will now "sing" with us and roll his little hands and then fold his arms. Too sweet.

Declan is a trouble maker. I feel like this age is as challenging as it is fun. He is a runner so I'm always chasing him if we are at the park or the pool. He loves to get the toilet brush and carry it around the house. Gross! He loves to scream at my feet while I prepare any food. If it is within reach he will pull it down. Some days it feels like all I did was try to prevent or clean up one disaster after the next. But luckily he is kind of cute when he gets in trouble too. That's probably why he is still alive. ;) If you come up on him doing something he isn't supposed to be it scares the living daylights out of him. His eyes get huge and he makes the funniest face while sort of doing the incredible hulk face and trembling. It makes me laugh everytime even though it is just evidence of his naughtiness. He totally knows he is doing something he isn't supposed to be doing.

Looking up at Tatum. Definitely his favorite playmate.
haha, I just had to. Being naked is kind of a favorite of his. And the poor guy had some really bad diaper chafing on his leg last week so we let him run free for quite awhile to let it air out a bit. He was more than happy playing with his trucks in the nude.
Happy 16 months to our little mister! Two more months until nursery...but who's counting?


  1. Love this! So fun to hear about the little man and be reassured that the lack of eating and the flip on tantrums are normal. That is so awesome that he loves Tatum so much. And that Tatum also enjoys playing with him! Let the count down to nursery begin. Maybe if you big or let him be a big enough disruption they will let him in early. :)

  2. look at those buns! haha! so cute. Peter's going through a phase where he doesn't really like to eat either.. unless it's blueberries, yogurt, or candy. I love that Declan imitates Tatum's "all done!" And how nice of her to pass on her baby. :)