Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a really famous/popular shopping area in Singapore. Quite high end, so we weren't necessarily interested in going there to shop. Although, apparently if you go down to the basement floors there are more reasonable stores. The higher you go, the higher the prices. But it seemed like a place we wanted to check out at least once while we were here. So when I heard about Pedestrian Night it seemed like the perfect time to go. On the first Saturday of every month (for half of the year) they close off a stretch of Orchard Road to traffic so you can walk on it and they have different things going on. We really had no idea what to expect what we hopped on the train and headed down there. I don't know what it is like on other Pedestrian Nights but this time it was all about the SEA Games which was perfect because they all sorts of games and activities for kids.  The SEA Games are the Southeast Asian Games, where 11 countries in Southeast Asia compete in different sporting events. Kind of like a regional olympics that is held every other year. This year it is in Singapore.

We took this picture of a street magician that we saw for my nephew, Caden, who is always asking us if we have seen any magicians. Now we have. :)
Some group yoga going on outside of the Orchard Ion building.

So if you go up to the fourth floor in the ION building and then go through the art gallery there, there is another elevator that will take you up to the 55th floor and they have a lookout room to see the city. It was really neat! I wish it was a little less crowded because the kids could have stayed up there looking out the windows for a really long time. But I tend to wish most things were less crowded here. :) Just part of city living.

Back down to Orchard Road.
Tatum has just been so dang shy lately! She is afraid of her own shadow, I swear! I'm actually really struggling to know how to deal with it. I don't want her to be so afraid of everything. Anyway, she was scared to death to play the little soccer game they had. Declan, of course, had no problem with it. In some ways these two are like night and day. Anyway, by the time I got the camera out he was already done. Maybe he will be in a Singapore newspaper or something though, he had about 50 photos taken of him by two very professional looking photographers.

You could write your name or a message on a little NILA (the Singapore team mascot perhaps? I really don't know.) sticker and add it to the wall.
Declan's face. Little punk ruined a perfectly good picture. :)
They had these stupid fog machines around the stage. I'm not sure what they thought they would add to the atmosphere, but we stopped to watch one of the little performances by some martial arts athletes and one went off right in our faces. It was annoying.
Tatum was mesmerized by the martial arts. She refused to let us keep walking.
Oh happy day. We got our picture taken with these characters. haha Declan was terrified and trying to climb up higher on me.
All the team Singapore athletes carrying a giant flag down the road before the lighting of the torch, which we missed.
It was a fun night. They had a couple more sport sections, Tatum got to color a picture and they made it into a pin for her, balloons, Milo samples, it was just perfect for the kids. It was good to see an iconic part of Singapore and seemed like the perfect time to do it, when they had so many things to keep the kids happy and entertained.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome time! Isn't it funny how when you go out now you look for things the kids would enjoy, not for things YOU would enjoy? Not that you don't do that too. But in my experience when the kids have a good time, everybody has a good time. It sounds totally lame to everyone out there who doesn't have kids, but I totally get it. :)