Monday, March 30, 2015

Brennan's birthday

Brennan had a birthday! The old man is 28 years old. For 6 months I get to call him old. :) His birthday fell on a Sunday, so originally the intention was for him to be able to choose Saturday's activities. That quickly changed when we were invited to a BBQ/pool party for a friend's birthday and we decided to do a babysitting swap so he hung out at our friend's house Saturday night while their little girl slept so they could go out. He was a good sport about the whole thing. Plus we got to go out to 'celebrate' on Friday night without our kids! He chose a Thai restaurant nearby and the food was super yummy! The service was less than stellar but I'm told that is pretty standard for Singapore.

I told Brennan he had to choose a birthday dessert that was NOT cake this year. But lucky for us there were cupcakes at the birthday party we went to on Saturday. Declan sure enjoyed them. It took him quite sometime to decide to actually eat it. At first he mostly just painted himself with the frosting.

Sunday morning I let Brennan sleep in. Let me tell you, that is a rare treat for him. He almost always gets up with the kids on the weekend. I didn't realize it was fast Sunday (oops!) so I made some smoothies and oatmeal banana bars for breakfast. He FaceTimed with his parents that morning and then headed to church early with Tatum for choir practice.

After church he got to play some hide and seek with the kids. Here is Tatum hiding under her bed.
And Declan giving it away.
I misread the rising part of the roll recipe so I was scrambling to get dinner ready on time. Brennan was a good sport again and rolled out the rolls for me with his trusty sidekick. We usually have a hardfast rule of no working in the kitchen on your birthday. Oh well.
For his non cake dessert he chose apple pie. As pathetic as it might be, I have never made a pie before. I went with a crumble top so I wouldn't have to worry about making the top crust look pretty. :) It certainly wasn't perfect but for my first pie I was pleased. I think he was too. :) We didn't have candles. Yes, wife fail. So he pretended. 
Brennan is a pretty stellar guy. I was glad to have an opportunity to celebrate him and treat him extra special. He is such a hands-on dad and I don't know what I would do without him. I love seeing how much the kids adore him and how excited they get when he gets home everyday. He is so patient, with the kids and wth me. He is so quick to forgive, something I could certainly do better at. And my favorite thing about Brennan, when it comes to food he always saves the best for me. :) Seriously, does it get better than that? Happy birthday Brennan! I love you!

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  1. HBD Brennan! Looks like a great weekend! I'm so glad you got to go out! I'm just dad we couldn't watch them for you! Your pie looks delicious and just shows what an awesome guy Brennan is for helping with the rolls. You are totally not a failure!!!