Sunday, March 15, 2015

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Last Friday night we decided to head out to Changi Point to watch the sunset. It has been on our list for awhile now, but it seemed everytime we would plan to go the clouds would roll in. A completely overcast sky doesn't really make for a good sunset. It was clear as can be when we left our house but of course it didn't exactly stay that way. So there's a boardwalk starting around the Changi Point Ferry Terminal which is where we left from for Pulau Ubin. It extends to the west along the coastline for about 2.5 km. There were some pretty good views along the way but the best views of the sunset are supposed to be along the last portion, appropriately named the Sunset Walk. It was such a beautiful night and a really lovely walk. I did keep wishing I was better at taking pictures because I just couldn't capture the beauty I saw around me. 
I'm not a bird person, unfortunately, so I can't tell you what kind of bird this is. But there were two of them and they had their huge wings expanded and just seemed to be floating whichever way the wind took them, never flapping. It was fun to watch.

Ahhh. It just makes you feel peaceful and relaxed, no?

Declan was happy to be freed from his stroller. 

Tatum was at least excited as Declan about his freedom, if not more so. Seriously, zoom in on that face. Too funny.

Isn't the world a beautiful place?


  1. What a gorgeous place for a stroll! Looks amazing! Live those two cute kids. We really miss you! And Kate is still talking about tatum and wondering when you"ll be back! Don't worry we haven't forgotten you

  2. That last comment was from me, hayley!