Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting creative

Sometimes you have to get creative. That can be hard if you are like me and completely lacking the creative chromosome in your genetic make up. In our ward lately the talk has been about cheap date ideas. And if you want to go on a date but you don't want to spend money, creativity is a must. If you are really a creative person, all you need is a small plastic wheel from a children's game to have fun (see above.:)). A few weeks ago we were at my parents house for dinner and I was inspired to be more creative by those around me. Caden and dad started blowing the wheel back and forth across the table. After the rest of us saw how much fun they were having it quickly turned into a table long game with all six of us. Three people were on each side of the table and we tried to get the wheel to roll off the opposite side of the table.

Check out the determination on their faces. It was seriously entertaining. Who ever said that you have to spend money to have fun? I guess it's time for Brennan and I to get in touch with our inner creativeness and think of some fun things to do during the long and dreadful winter.

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  1. Haha sounds thrilling! Reminds me of when we were little and made up crazy games. I'm still waiting for pictures of the cakes!