Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In

Our mailbox nearly buried by the snow.

We got hit last night by the blizzard that swept across the country. The school I was at yesterday closed early, as well as Brennan's school and work, in anticipation of the storm. After my school let out I decided to go to the agency's office to finish up my hours for the day, even though Mara strongly advised against it. She was insistent that I just go home before the storm hit. I assured her that the roads were fine and that I wouldn't be staying at the office for long. I am happy to publicly admit that she was right. :) I left the office about an hour later and the weather was much worse. My drive home was not fun. And then last night we got great news! Kirkwood was closed for today and so were both of our work places! Yay for snow days in adulthood. We got to spend a relaxing (minus the huge task of shoveling the driveway, which Brennan tackled) day at home together. It was great! The only downer was that Brennan had to go to his second job tonight. :( I guess people still want ice cream even after a huge snowstorm. Lame.

Here are some pictures of the incredible snow:
That one little trail through the middle of the driveway must have taken him 15 minutes and that was only the beginning. We got at least a foot of snow.
The wind made some pretty cool looking drifts.
Happy snow day!


  1. Awesome!! I miss snow days! But I do enjoy our nice sunny weather here in AZ.

  2. I would also like to say of course I was right! I always am but no one ever listens to me. ;)