Monday, February 7, 2011

Libraries, cakes, and falls.

Our local library has something like 50 cake pans available for check out. These aren't just plain Jane cake pans, they are in all sorts of shapes (mostly characters). When Brennan and I first went there to get accounts set up we weren't all that impressed by the selection of books (it's a pretty tiny library), but the cake pans all over the tops of the shelves were unique enough to grab our attention. It was just too funny that we could check out cake pans from our library, we knew we had to check one out at least once. This last Friday Kelbie, Caden, and Macy came and stayed with us. So we headed over to the library to pick out a pan. We got there exactly four minutes before the library closed and the librarian continually reiterated that if we could not choose a pan in four minutes we were out of luck. So with just a few minutes to peruse the pans these were the possibilities we left with:
Under such extreme pressure we couldn't commit to just one, so we brought Batman and Oscar the Grouch home with us. Oscar won in the end.
We were all so excited about the awesome cake we were going to make and then this came out of the oven....huge crack down the center and all. And it really wasn't as easy to see what it was supposed to be as we thought it would be. But then we set the cake decorators to work....and that unrecognizable Oscar above turned into...
Brennan and Macy with their creation. Not only did it look great, but it tasted delicious as well!

We also made pizza and Caden hates having his picture taken so I just had to share this. :) He looks happy, doesn't he?
On a bit of a separate note, I have to tell a bit of an embarrassing story. One for me and one for Brennan actually. We had to make a quick stop at the grocery store after the library and as we walked in we saw none other than my mom and my sister Crystal (who had also stopped at the store after they dropped the kids off at our place). They were just getting in line as we walked in and even though we walked right in front of them, they managed to look right at us without seeing us. So we hurried to get in line behind them to see if they noticed. I was in front of our group and was speed walking. In hindsight I can see that speed walking in old shoes that have no traction on naturally slick floor probably isn't the brightest thing to do. But anyway, bright or not, I did it. As I went around the corner in the produce section there was a wet spot on the floor and I immediately knew I was going down. Similar to how falls frequently occur, this one was in slow motion. Giving me plenty of time to be downright horrified by the fact that I was wiping out in the middle of Fareway. Plenty of time to reach out and try to catch myself on the bin of oranges beside me. And plenty of time to decide that maybe if I got up quickly enough no one would notice. Unfortunately, there was no way to make it so Brennan and the kids wouldn't see, and boy did they get a kick out of it. Brennan said it was like I bounced off the floor. One second I disappeared behind the oranges and the next second I was back up, red face and all. Apparently it was quite impressive. Oddly enough in my slow motion fall I never thought about how falling might hurt. But boy did it ever. I was hobbling around for the rest of the night and today my knee still hurts if anything touches it.My embarrassing wound a couple of days after the fact. You can't really see much, but trust me, it's pretty.

One fall just wasn't enough for us. When we got home Brennan and Caden ran outside to put the pop in the snow so it could get cold. The steps out our front door weren't very well cleared of snow and suddenly the girls and I heard a very loud noise followed by Caden's shocked voice saying "are you okay?"....yes, that's right Brennan fell down the steps outside. When I asked Caden what happened he said "He just fell from like six steps up! And then he jumped up and walked away!" Hahaha, apparently he was trying to walk it off. He came in with snow all over his pants and a pretty impressive bruise on his back. OUCH. Clearly, we are not graceful people. But at least we give entertainment to those around us.


  1. Wish I could have witnessed the falls! And the cake looks very cute, great job Brennan and Macy!

  2. I wish my library had cake pans. That would rule, especially at little boy birthday time around here. Too bad, you will have to make more cakes for us.

  3. HA! That is one of the best fall stories I've ever heard! I love it. And Brennan fallign the same day makes it even better. And that is a SWEET cake! We need to visit the NL Library sometime. And you guys need to come cross country skiing with us. It's so fun, you'd love it!

  4. Mara I agree! I wish I could have witnessed them both. I'm sure it would have given me a good laugh.
    Marci- I had the same thought. I don't think my kids will ever have cute cakes unless we have a library like this one haha.
    Wendy-yeah you should check out the library sometime. It is very unique haha. And we will for sure have to try cross country skiing with you guys sometime.