Sunday, February 27, 2011

a new bathroom

From the moment we got our house, Brennan and I knew we didn't like the bathroom downstairs. But with just the two of us, a second bathroom isn't really a necessity so redoing it wasn't a priority. Seven months later, the job is done. About a month or so ago we woke up one Saturday and decided it was time. So we headed to the stores to pick out some of the decor. Then we went to Sherwin-Williams and searched and searched through their "miss-tint" paint. It is only four dollars a gallon and therefore, much more affordable! But looking through the miss-tint is NOT very easy. They just sort of throw it all in a pile and it's just a chore to go through it. We were there for what seemed like hours and hours. I felt so bad for the guy working as the time crept closer and closer to closing time. He eventually told us that he could change the color of any of the miss-tint paint if it wasn't exactly what we wanted, and it would still be the discount price. Say what??!! So we found some nearly colorless paint, and he was able to make it whatever color we wanted and we were able to get out of there just a few minutes after closing. Thank you Sherwin-Williams man! Although it was a lot of work, it was also kind of fun to go through all that paint (not having any idea what were doing) and it gave us a lot of laughs.

Fast forward more than a month to this last week. We finally got around to actually doing something with all the stuff we got. My mom came over the last two Fridays and helped me put two coats of paint in the bathroom. The bathroom isn't that big, so I suppose I could have done it myself, but it's always more fun to paint with company.

Here are the befores, durings, and afters:
I'm sure that with the right shower curtain and towels this color could have been fine, but we weren't feeling it.

My mom hard at work. She's a little messy...but she gets the job done. ;)
Brennan was kind enough to come and get the spots we couldn't reach.
The finished product.

We can't decide about the rug. We like it, but we wonder if it's too much. We have been thinking about just getting two plain black rugs for in front of the shower and the sink. If you have an opinion, please share!


  1. Lookin pretty snazzy! I think you should keep the rug. ;)

  2. I really like it. I really want to repaint and put some red in my bathroom, but Caleb is being a pain about wanting to rip out walls or something along those lines. :-) He must be bored, so maybe in my next house.