Friday, July 27, 2012


So...our daughter is a little bit of a bully.  It's true. We hung out with our friends Allison and Austin a couple of times this week and Tatum showed her true colors.  She hasn't really been around other babies very much, just other kids.  Austin is about 3 months younger than her and she went for the attack several times.  She managed to grab his face, pull his hair and steal his toys and she tried to get his binky any time she could. Unfortunately I'm new at this whole mothering a mobile child thing so it caught me by surprise several times.  Next time she won't get away with such viciousness! :)

Really though, it's just a lot of fun to see her with other little kids. I can't believe how much she is changing all the time.  Just today she pulled herself from sitting to standing about 5 times.  It was pretty impressive, I must say.

Here's the proof of the hair pulling. Poor Austin.  Luckily he is super chill so he didn't complain too much about Tatum the bully and her inattentive mother.
Haha, look, Tatum is evening looking up at Allison while she does it, like "just try to stop me". Little punk.

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  1. ha! Oh Tatum. It's probably just her way of flirting. She is so so cute Rachel. I can't believe she's already pulling herself up! p.s. I like a lot the decorations you made. Do I even need to say it? crafty.