Friday, March 15, 2013


Brennan and I have been talking about getting a dog for quite a long time now. We had an opportunity right around the time Tatum was born but I decided I wasn't sure I wanted to do a newborn and a puppy. It seemed a little overwhelming. But now that Tatum LOVES dogs, we have had extra motivation to get one. But it still hasn't happened. There haven't been a whole lot that we have been interested in but when we are they are usually gone before we get a chance to see them or else there is something else to make us decide it's not the dog for us (the right breeds are always wayyy out of our price range, of course). Last week, however, we got close. I mean really close. My mom, Tatum, and I went out to the humane society to see some boxer/border collie puppies. I went in the back to look for them and when I came back out mom and Tatum were sitting on a bench holding the runt. She was very cute. Very, very cute. And before I knew it I was filling out the adoption application and scheduling a time to come back and pick her up. 

We went back to see her another time so Brennan could see her. Here are some pictures we took. She was really active during that second visit so it was hard to get a good picture.

I'm sure you gathered from the title of the post that we didn't end up getting her. I talked to a couple of friends about breeds and they weren't terribly excited about this combination. Brennan didn't seem completely on board (and believe me he has been really excited about other dogs), we would like to finish the fence in our backyard but we need to wait until the ground isn't so hard, and probably lots of other factors. Bottom line, she isn't ours. But she sure is cute.

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