Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the crazy

Tatum is usually a pretty mild-mannered child. She is pretty good and I am grateful for that. But every once in awhile she unleashes "the crazy". And it's pretty darn hilarious. Of course I probably only think that because I am her mom, but I am still going to share it with you. :)

Tatum likes to play with some Pokemon cards at my parents' house. No one seems to care about the cards anymore so she can do whatever she wants with them which she thinks is the best. A few weeks ago we were over there and she went crazy with them-it was like she was rolling in a pile of cash. I didn't get the best of it on video, of course, but I caught a bit of it.

My other example is from the other day when I was trying to get her new word (uh-oh) on video. She starts out pretty calm and quiet, just wait for it...
See what I mean? There is a crazy side to this child.

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