Wednesday, March 13, 2013

gymnastics and a derby

This last weekend we decided to head the Hawkeye women't gymnastics meet for something a little different to do. I was a little worried that it might be boring, and I suppose it probably was for Tatum, but we enjoyed it! The scoring seemed a little inflated but it was a lot of fun to watch. Tatum was definitely done after about an hour or so so I took her up to the top and let her run around the top of the arena. She was in heaven. That girl could run and look at her feet all day I think.
 This is her "Where is it?" (and "all done") stance. I'm not sure what she was looking for, probably her dad.
We left before they were finished with the floor routines and the balance beam but those were a little boring anyway.

She is not afraid to just run off without us. It's a little frightening...

                                                                                            Lately she looks a lot like Alfalfa.

On Saturday the weekend fun continued with a Potato Derby at the Church. You know, like the Pinewood Derby that the boy scouts do. But instead of using wood, we carved potatoes. It was a pretty clever idea, I think, and a lot of fun.

Here is Brennan with his creation, The Squirrel.

I thought it was a cute little car. Emphasis on little. He probably took too much of the potato off, leaving it too light. But he did alright in the consolation bracket. :)

I didn't help with the car at all. Most of my time was spent chasing this trouble maker all over the church building. Look at that face, she knows she is up to no good.
 And trying to get her to eat something besides potato chips.
 She was a big fan of The Squirrel and drove it around in our kitchen when we got home. She is a future potato derby winner for sure.

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