Thursday, July 30, 2015


We got to have a fun day at Adventureland during our time in Iowa. It's a small amusement park about two hours from where I grew up. Unfortunately we couldn't fit it in while Brennan was still around. We missed him and I'm sure he was sad to miss out. Amusement parks are kind of his thing. The Eskelsens and my parents came too so I had plenty of help with the kids and we totally lucked out with more phenomenal Iowa weather. Usually when I think of Adventureland I think so, so hot, crowded, and painfully humid. But it was lovely. 

We hit up the carousel when we first got there. We probably could have quit right there and the kids would have been satisfied haha. Love Declan's expressions.

Riding the cars together. It is so fun to watch them become friends as Declan gets older.
Semis with Macy.
Teacups with Grandma of course. That's one of her favorite rides haha.

Falling Star, four person selfie. Someone vomited on their way off this ride. Luckily I missed it. The Falling Star forever remains my favorite ride. 
I took Declan to ride the little boats while most everyone else was in line for the Raging River raft ride. 
I took him to the ladybugs as well. He was perfectly excited about it until it started. It jerked to a start more than any of the other kiddie rides so he smacked his head and proceeded to cry for the rest of the ride. He was the only kid on the ride but the teenager running it wouldn't stop it! Weird.
After he was startled by the start and head smacking but before the tears.
On the dragons with my boy.
We took both the kids one the pirate ship. Declan was pretty much terrified but never cried, just made lots of faces like this.
Tatum rode with Grandma on the other side and loved it so I took her on it again later.
Lovin' it.
Grandma rode the carousel when the kids went on it again later. Had to document it.

Tatum on the frog hopper. It takes them up high and then drops them little bits at a time to give them that tickle in the tummy. She didn't seem to love it as much as she did last time. She didn't cry or get scared or anything but she didn't laugh either.
Raging River: Crystal, Macy, Tatum, Kelbie, Grandma, Caden
Papa rode the mini ferris wheel with the kids.
And the big ferris wheel. :)
We couldn't leave without riding the train.
Declan shoveling the twizzlers in as fast as possible.

"Nice horsey"

Declan looked a little ill on the hot air balloon ride.
Grandma looks...well I'm not sure how she looks, like she's laughing but about to cry?

We tried the ladybugs again because Tatum wanted to ride it. The same thing happened to the poor kid.
We didn't leave the park until just before closing, stopped to get dinner and then drove the two hours home. It was a late night for the kids but Declan still woke up at the crack of dawn. But he was a basket case. He fell asleep on the couch by 8:30 or 9 in the morning. Tired much? Little stinker.

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  1. Looks like a great day! I have such fond memories of going to Adventureland as a kid when I'd visit my grandparents. I am SO bummed...we never made it during our 4 years in Iowa. So wrong!