Monday, July 27, 2015

our final day together

Declan loved baby Lucy. He couldn't get enough of her bald head. I wish I would have gotten more/better pictures of the two of them. But it was one of those things where I kept telling myself I would have plenty of time and opportunities and then suddenly it was our last day.

 Rubbing her bald head.
 She is such a doll.
 The kids played a bunch of yard games grandma planned at a park while some of us did some frisbee golf. The house we stayed at advertised a yard. It certainly had a yard but it was more or less unusable with tree trunks, super long grass, and a small creek running through more often than not. The park worked fine but meant we had to do all the games at once.

Water balloons.

 Grandma demonstrating the Fruit by the Foot race.

 Declan just played in a bowl of water.


 That afternoon we sent the men off for a little early Father's Day present. They all got to go zip lining up on the mountain.

Dad and Caleb headed up on the lift.
 Gleaning some wisdom from dad, no doubt.
 6 of the best dads I know, that's for sure.

 Dad and Ben getting ready.

I'm not sure what day this happened but Brennan had a water fight with the kids.

And that wraps up the Cardon family reunion 2015. A huge thank you to Mara and Ben for planning the whole thing! By the end of the week I think we were all exhausted and ready for a break but yet at the same time a week is never long enough. I am so grateful for our family. I'm grateful for awesome brothers and sisters, and I'm grateful to them for marrying such awesome people and having such wonderful kids. And to my parents for doing so much for all of us, all the time. 

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