Sunday, July 26, 2015

biking around lake dillon

We don't make a habit of resting at our reunions. Wednesday we headed out to bike around the lake. We did the same ride last year and loved it so this year we all brought our bikes. 21 bikes, 4 trailers and 1 baby seat got us all riding around the lake. We were a sight to be seen I'm sure.

Caden, Libbie, Rich, and Mia, the leaders of our pack. 
 We stopped to eat lunch and of course we had to throw rocks too.
 So beautiful. The girls and the view.
 More rock throwers.

 Marci convinced the women to ride the ten miles back to the house while the guys took the kids home in the vehicles. The things we will do for a break from our kids, right? ;) It made for a total of about 23 miles ridden that day. It was long and hot but a lot of fun! Thanks for the idea Marci!
That night we all got another break from our kids. Mom and dad were generous enough to watch 17 of the grandkids (little Lucy got to come with us) while the ten of us went out for dinner. The food was delicious and it's a tradition I really love and appreciate.

Love these people.
Mom and dad kept the kids entertained at home with treasure hunts and homemade milkshakes. They are pretty great.

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  1. Where did you go to dinner? Is that a Mexican place? I remember eating at an awesome Mexican place in Breck. So impressed your parents watched 17 grandkids!