Sunday, July 26, 2015

lily pad hike

Mara and Ben were in charge of the family reunion this year. They decided on Breckenridge, CO as a location again. The forecast wasn't looking too good as the time approached. Cold and rainy weather seemed to be inevitable, but we sure lucked out with pretty much perfect weather.

We all gathered Monday evening and got settled in. Tuesday morning we headed out for a hike. It started out a little chilly and we got a few drops of rain but it warmed up and cleared up by the end. And the scenery was beautiful.
Jaren took it upon himself to be Grandma's hiking buddy and helped her up the inclines and over the streams. It was pretty sweet.
Very dark, but if you look carefully you can see Brennan and Declan in those trees.

Ella and Papa were a little cold at the beginning. And kind of cute together.
Ben was kind and patient enough to hike with these slow and crazy girls.

Singapore has already weakened Tatum. She seemed to be cold all the time that first week or two.

Cute brothers.

Declan fell asleep in the carrier eventually. It was better than screaming but it sure didn't look comfortable for him.

Claire picnicking with Papa and Grandma at the lake.
More of the picnicking crew. Unfortunately the mosquitoes were kind out of control if you stopped moving. Made the picnic a little less enjoyable.

Some of our group across the lake.

Later that day we rode the gondola in Breckenridge. It remains one of the kids' favorite activities.
Playing on the snow at the top is also a favorite.

We also squeezed in the cousin gift exchange that first day. It was a busy day!

It was a good first day! Can we go back? :)

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