Friday, March 2, 2012

2 months

Last week Tatum hit the 2 month mark. It is pretty hard to believe. Time has gone by so fast and she is growing and changing all the time. But yet it feels like we have always had her. It's hard to remember what it felt like just 3 months ago when we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

I took her to the doctor a couple of days ago for her 2 month check up, which included 3 shots and an oral vaccine. Not fun. For either of us. Poor girl just wailed and of course I felt awful. She was pretty fussy for the rest of that day. Luckily I chose to hang out at my parent's house after the appointment since Brennan had an evening test he was taking, because Papa pretty much had the magic touch. He had to keep taking her from my me and my mom because she wouldn't calm down. She slept great that night though and then had a fever and pretty much slept the next day away. Today she seems to be back to herself for the most part, thankfully.

Her stats:
23 inches long (55th percentile)
10.9 lbs (33rd percentile)
39.5 cm head circumference (49th percentile)

Facts about Tatum at 2 months:
The last couple of weeks she has gotten much more vocal and smiley. She likes to lay on her play mat now and check out the toys. Tummy time isn't quite as torturous but still doesn't last long. She usually sleeps anywhere from 9 to 12 hours straight at night (yes, it's wonderful!). She doesn't hate post-bath lotion time anymore, but still freaks out when you have to put her arms in her clothes. She still sleeps in her car seat at night, but hopefully not for much longer. She is still our little owl, noisy as ever.

Tatum is such a treat to have in our family and we are so glad she is ours forever!


  1. oh my! i bet you just melt for that smile! i love her little dimples!

  2. Yay! That's awesome that she's sleeping so much! And that crying face is so sad :( She is getting so cute.