Thursday, March 8, 2012

dancin' fool

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that Tatum and I went to Mt. Vernon to see the 5th grade musical. It brought back a lot of really sweet memories of my own 5th grade musical...or not. To this day I still feel a ridiculous amount of embarrassment when we watch the video of mine. I was horrible! Not true for Caden. He was pretty much the star of the show. He was nominated to have a solo dance during the Footloose song. Check it out. His solo starts around 1:08 and please forgive the poor cameraman skills at the beginning. I was mesmerized by his dance okay?!

We got front row seats (thanks to my incredibly early arrival) and Tatum was wide eyed the whole time, taking it all in. She couldn't believe how well Caden could dance and she is star truck I'm pretty sure. Caden was nice enough to come and talk to his aunt and his grandma after the show (where all his friends could see!!) so I tried to snap a picture of him and Tatum...
...but I had an uninvited guest in the picture. Not just in the picture, but posing like a creeper! So poor Caden had to brave the embarrassment of his aunt again once they were dismissed to go back to class so I could get another picture. What?! When he's famous Tatum will be so glad she has a picture with him. :)
Good job Caden! You have some serious moves. And thanks for talking to me in public. :)


  1. that was awesome. i like your nephew already. also, i LOVE footloose. probably as much as you like that country music movie you talked about.

  2. Thanks for posting the video! So much fun, wish I could have seen it live! That kid in the background is too funny!