Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well I still haven't learned the art of making new friends, but I am definitely grateful for the ones I have. We got together with Gretchen and Andy and Kassy and David last weekend. Dinner was delicious and the girls dominated at Guesstures so it was a great evening all around. Before we left we put Tatum in her pajamas so we wouldn't have to bother with that when we got home. Gretchen casually mentioned that she had a pair of footie pajamas too and would have to put them when she babysits Tatum so that they match. I bet she regrets ever bringing them up. Before she knew it Andy, Brennan and I had convinced her to go put them on. Out she came with her adult footie pajamas. Complete with bum flap and everything. I promised her I wouldn't post the pictures to Facebook and since I always post my blog to Facebook all you get is the shot from the waist up. Trust me, they were for real footies and I kind of want a pair myself now. Thanks for modeling them for us Gretch.

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  1. Jealous! Really, why should babies get all the awesome PJs?