Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break: part 2: natural history museum

Well to continue with our super exciting spring break we headed to the Natural History museum on Wednesday.  It was actually more impressive than we anticipated and Brennan has been taking tests in that building all year and had no idea the museum existed! Without further ado, here are the pictures from our adventure. 
Our little owl with some owl friends. :)

Me and Tatum with the giant sloth. It was crazy!
Tatum with two do-dos. haha, just kidding Brennan!
Kassy and Gretchen, recognize Brennan's awesome swan impersonation from Guesstures?
Not a well taken or flattering picture, but I had to include it because of Tatum's expression. It made me laugh.

That evening the crazy spring break excitement continued with the rental of Tin Tin. Not recommended. Loooooong and booooring. I'm not sure what possessed us to rent it.

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  1. I'm sad I missed out on the guesstures thing, because I can tell he's really going places with that swan impersonation. And that museum looks awesome!