Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today was a good day. It felt like spring. There is just something about the warm weather at the end of winter (even a mild winter) that just puts me in a good mood. I was happy all day long just because the sun was shining and it was wonderfully warm. And now I officially have spring fever, I can't wait until it's this nice for multiple days in a row. I made a trip to Mt. Vernon today for a little 5th grade musical action (more on that another day) and my mom and I took Tatum outside to enjoy the weather. Poor girl has hardly ever encountered sunlight since the day she was born, so she wasn't quite sure what to do.
I got to go for my first run since having Tatum and she got to try out her jogging stroller for the first time. Both were surprisingly successful. Now maybe I can start shedding the pregnancy pounds a little more quickly.
(We didn't get to go for our run until the sun was nearly down, hence the bundling.)

I also got to play hide and seek outside with the kiddos at my parent's house. It definitely made me all reminisce-y about running around that yard when I was a kid. In the spring of course. Because spring is awesome! It makes everyone happy, even Tatum.
Spring is good. Very, very good. :)

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