Friday, August 23, 2013

cow appreciation day

Shortly after we got back from Utah Chik-fil-a had their Cow Appreciation Day. If you dress up like a cow they will give you a free meal. I love Chik-fil-a and it's even better when it's free! :) Unfortunately our printer wouldn't cooperate the night before so I couldn't print off their costume starter kit which would have made my life much easier. Instead I used a sharpie and colored and cut out a bunch of spots to put on our white clothes. And I used felt to make us little noses and ears. Tatum's ears worked really well on her headband. Mine, not so much, but oh well. I coerced my friend Allison and her son Austin into joining us. Allison opted not to make a fool of herself by dressing up. :) I didn't really think Tatum would understand that she was dressing up as a cow. But I showed her herself in the mirror before we left and on the way there she kept saying "moo" and then pointing to her nose and saying "cow". It was pretty funny. And she made a pretty cute cow if I must say so myself.

Hugging cows. They gave away those cow headbands at the restaurant and they also gave the kids little cow stuffed animals.
Tatum was not a fan of this cow. I take that back. If we were a safe distance away she loved him but if we got too close she panicked.
Pretty cute cows.
I'm probably a dork and just proving that by blogging about this. But it was a fun and different thing for us to do which is always good.

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