Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heritage Days

Back in mid July my hometown had their summer celebration/fair/carnival, Heritage Days. We headed down to participate in the festivities on Saturday. Luckily Gretchen got us a really good spot for the parade so we went home with quite the loot. Too bad I'm not much of a candy eater and Tatum is too young for much. But we appreciate it all the same Gretch! :)

Tatum being shy.
Wondering why candy isn't currently falling from the sky, no doubt.
She had both hands as full as she could and she wasn't letting go. At the end of the parade we discovered that she had put a tootsie roll in her mouth with the wrapper on. She had been working on it for quite some time. That was nasty. Good thing her dad was the one to dig it out of her mouth.
With her loot. She loved having it piled on her.
After the parade I headed to what was apparently the world's largest baby shower. It's hard to believe that no one could top it with a bigger one, but it claims to be the largest. Gretchen, her sister, Kadera, and I decided to check it out. We signed up to win a lot of neat stuff but sadly none of us got a call or an email. :( The day was not wasted, however, because they were giving out cupcake samples from Scratch Cupcakes. So good! It will be dangerous when we get one of those closer to us.

Later in the afternoon we headed up to the family fun zone at Heritage Days. There were several free games and activities for kids to do and they got a stamp for each one. After they got a certain number of stamps they could have an otter pop. It was a fun idea. Kelbie and Caden were running the ice blocking station so we tried it out. Tatum watched Caden and Brennan once and when they got set up to go down again she started scooting down the hill on her bum. Silly girl.
Tatum's turn.

Since it seemed to go so well the first time, Brennan decided to let her go down without him holding on.
Crystal was nice enough to watch Tatum for awhile that evening so Brennan and I could go play some Bingo with friends. Sadly none of us took home the pot but it was good to see friends and be child-free for awhile. While we were gone Tatum helped the Eskelsens rediscover their small trampoline in their basement. She thought it was the greatest thing and Crystal just sent it home with us! After falling in love with trampolines on our trip to Utah, Tatum thought this was the greatest thing.


  1. Did you do all that stuff in ONE day?! Wow! I love that Tatum was eating a tootsie roll with the wrapper on--she's so dang cute.

  2. I'm so glad you are posting on your blog!!! :) I just wanted to add another comment haha. And I miss heritage days although I'm sure I would think it was lame now. It was the best thing ever when we were little though!

  3. It's so sad that I wasn't around to eat all your candy for you. We had a pretty good system going in YW. -Andrea