Monday, August 26, 2013

the rest of July

Here is the rest of July in pictures mostly, with a few explanations.

We tried to stay cool with the shade, mom's water bottle and popsicles.

 Grandma, Papa, Caden and Macy came down and joined us at the pool one hot afternoon. It was a lot of fun and Tatum kept Papa busy taking her down the slide over and over again.
 And Tatum insisted on drinking lots of pool water. Awesome.
 One night we rode our bikes to Orange Leaf for a little treat. Tatum thought she should get one all to herself.

 She loves bike rides.

A local mom's group sponsored a little health fair. Tatum got to get in a firetruck and had her face painted for the first time. I wasn't sure how she would do but she held quite still.
 Tatum became obsessed with climbing ladders. At the playground mostly but also at home whenever we had our ladder out for anything.

I continued to get bigger. And bigger and bigger. Here I am at 25 weeks.
One day Tatum was a crazy towel monster.

 At some point Tatum had some serious bedhead. I can't remember where we were going but we had to wake her up to leave and her hair was crazy.
 Tatum built a fort one Sunday afternoon with Crystal and Caden. Don't mind the horrible picture quality.
 Tatum loves to pretend to be a baby. We bought a little rocker for the baby and when I wouldn't help her get in it she just figured out a way to get in herself.
 Just like the rest of the summer, we spent a lot of time at the park. We are lucky to have one very close and we go at least once a day.

This video makes me laugh. Tatum was climbing up this ladder at the playground but couldn't quite get her body all the way on the platform. She sure does try though!

 I wasn't paying attention for a few minutes and Tatum got a bag of chips that was left on the counter and then climbed in this box to eat them.
 Haha, love the face, Tatum. She likes to have her towel wrapped on her head like I do.
 The local library had a little show with Ronald McDonald so Tatum and I decided to check it out. She loved the show but wasn't so sure about getting so close to the clown.
 One day Tatum's nap was coming up on 3 hours, which never happens, so I went to check on her. This is what I found. Looks comfy eh?
 Brennan finished up his ultimate frisbee league in July. We went to a few games throughout the season and we were able to go to the first game of the last night. Brennan's team went on to win the whole tournament later that night! Way to go Brennan! Tatum has some mini frisbees and can say "frisbee" which I think is super cute. Brennan was trying to teach her a thing or two between games. She might need to open her eyes to be very successful though. :)
 There was plenty of silliness to be had in July as well, of course.
 We helped out at Kelbie's birthday party which pretty much entailed hanging out at a park with Grandma on a beautiful evening.
 My parents' branch had a pioneer day activity that we were able to go to. And we needed jackets in July in Iowa! How crazy is that?! Brennan gave lots of handcart rides.

 Brennan made some delicious breakfast sandwiches, as he often does. But we don't always get a cute shot of Tatum biting it at the same time he is haha.
 And to finish off July, Tatum climbed in a duffle bag just to hang out. She loves to sit in boxes and bags or behind the curtains or under the covers. I wonder what that says about her? Who knows?
And that's a wrap folks. Now on to August!

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  1. I love the picture of Tatum on the ladder with Brennan. That video of her on the playground is hilarious. She is probably wondering why her parents are laughing at her while she is struggling. I guess Tatum is going to take over the role of batwoman!! And it looks like your crib bumper was having some issues haha.