Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sauerkraut Days and other early August fun

The beginning of August greeted us quite warmly. Tatum stayed cool by eating popsicles outside in just her diaper, because who wouldn't?

 When Brennan got home he was cleaning something off with the hose and since she was already naked we let her play in the hose. And she was apparently quite thirsty.
 Something really exciting that happened was that Brennan got released from his calling as assistant clerk which required him to stay after church about every other Sunday for the last 3 years. I took some pictures of Tatum's last Sunday having to hang out at the church late.
 Luckily it wasn't until one of our last Sundays waiting that she discovered the drinking fountain.
 Mom and dad had some old small roller skates hanging around their place so Rich and Macy helped Tatum take them for a spin.
 Tatum does a lot of this with her doll and stuffed animals lately. She asks for a wipe and then lays it across them or under them. Obsessively. And it has to be just perfectly or she gets upset.
 We had a fun play group at the splash pad. I thought this teeter-totter-like toy they had at the park was cool. And I love the look on James' face in this picture.
 One day Tatum decided to get in the bag for her blocks. She thought it was the coolest thing.

 The town neighboring my hometown had their own carnival in August, Sauerkraut Days, so we headed down for their ice cream social and family night. We also hit up a fun little store up town where my mom tried on this lovely mask. :)
 And Papa had what he called a "prototype" of a rocking horse he is making all ready to go so Tatum got to try that out.
 At Sauerkraut Days they had train rides that took you around the block. Tatum really loves trains (but lately gets scared when she hears one) so we thought this would be great. She was clearly a little apprehensive but she was smiling and waving by the end of the ride.
 More face painting!
 And a bounce house. This girl loved this thing. Luckily she has a really great Aunt who will wait in atrociously long lines so she could enjoy this twice. Love that face.

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  1. Make sure you don't zip up that bag, Tatum might have a hard time breathing. ;) I can't believe she sits still for face painting, Jade would never do that! That rocking horse better be coming our way! That is a hilarious picture of mom! And lastly where did you get Tatum's skirt? Super cute!