Thursday, August 29, 2013

splash pad and bowling

Our fun continued with a trip to Cedar Rapids to run some errands, visit a splash pad (they have 10!) and do some dollar bowling. We didn't know anything about any of the splash pads so we just picked one that was close to other places we had to go and went for it. We had it to ourselves almost the whole time!
I dare you to look at this picture and not smile because of Tatum's face. Priceless.
 Tatum likes splash pads but the park always ends up calling her name so we played on the playground for a bit before we left.
Love those eyes.
 This is one of the cutest things Tatum is doing these days. Whenever she can convince me or Brennan to go down a slide she waits at the bottom in this stance, ready to catch us. Too cute.
And when our child starts climbing a slide do we tell her no, of course not, we take a video of it. Yeah we are awesome parents.

Then it was time to bowl! I lost both games. Surprise, surprise. But in my defense I did have Tatum "helping" me more often than Brennan did and I still managed to do as well as I usually do. So imagine how good I would have been without her help, right?! ;) We don't bowl often but it is always enjoyable. But is it just me or do those bowling balls feel like the dirtiest things on the planet? Yuck.
 Just observing the destruction from her awesome ball, no doubt.
 I guess you could say we are easy to please, because that was a fun day!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that is more splash pads than the entire city of Phoenix and the surrounding cities. Pathetic on our part. I think Tatum looks kind of like Macy in that close up with her hat on backwards. I love that picture of Tatum in the splash pad, so fun!