Saturday, August 24, 2013

Duke, fireworks and fun

This post is probably just a little random, but that's okay. We were home from Utah for a week before my parents came back so we took over the care of good ole' Duke. Tatum loved it of course. And she sure gives Duke the royal treatment so I'm not sure why he doesn't love being at our house more than he does. As the following pictures and video show, she shares everything she eats with him and when she gets concerned that he isn't eating his dog food she will bring it to him in the living room. The dog didn't even have to lift his head to get nourishment! Now that's the life, folks. 

So proud of herself for sharing. Too bad it's much harder to get her to share with other kids.

Around this same time Tatum had an obsession with salsa. That ship seems to have sailed, but here she is dipping a PB&J in salsa. Yum! Everything had to have salsa.
Brennan and I did our first yard project. These bricks were horrendously weedy and uneven so we relaid them with plastic and sand underneath them. And we have plans to make that open space a little flower bed. They aren't perfect by any means but they look a lot better than they did.
Tatum really enjoys her baby these days. Here she is pretending to sleep with her baby on the deck.
Duke's favorite spot at our house? In the closet on our shoes. Maybe it's just me but that does not look comfortable. And yes, we have a lot of shoes.
The city we live in celebrated it's 100th birthday this summer so we got to see fireworks. I was pretty excited about it since we missed them on the 4th. We found a pretty ideal location where we were close and had a good view, but we weren't by huge groups of people and we weren't too close so the sound wasn't scaring Tatum.

She loved them. As you can tell from her face in this picture. :)

So that was some more of our summer fun. I'll catch up eventually!

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