Tuesday, February 17, 2015

elevator escapades

Oh the things that become worthy of a blog post...is this a sign that I have hit an all time low, that riding the elevator is now such a highlight of my life it deserves a blog post? Alright so my life might not seem all that exciting from the outside, and sometimes it doesn't even seem all that exciting from my point of view, but I wouldn't trade these moments. Not for anything. Yes, it means that sometimes the most exciting thing that happens in my day is that we ride the elevator. But boy howdy am I grateful that I am the one who gets to see Tatum keep the door open with her foot, or watch Declan look like such a little man, and to hear them squeal and giggle together when the elevator gives them butterflies. Now that, my friends, is exciting, priceless stuff.

Declan waiting for the beep that means the doors are about to open.
Tatum, making sure we all get off safely. She is very worried one of us might get squished in the doors. I have no idea where she learned to put her foot up but it is definitely one of the sweetest and funniest things I have seen.

And lastly, a video I have been promising my mom forever. The videography is horrible. You try getting out of the house with two kids and a stroller while videoing with a dang ipad. Not easy, folks. Declan also didn't fully cooperate and go through his usual routine but it still somewhat captures it. He knows exactly what to do as soon as we open the apartment door. The problem is he can actually reach the elevator button and he has started messing with our front door. So as soon as he figures out how to get out of here we could be in for some trouble.
As long as we are on the topic of elevators can I just take a moment to talk about my biggest pet peeve in Singapore? My biggest pet peeve is how many perfectly healthy, able-bodied individuals ride the elevators at public places like malls and the train stations. There are signs telling you to give way to the handicapped, the elderly, pregnant women and those with strollers. But no one pays any attention to them! These young 20 something men will squeeze themselves on until there is absolutely no more room while you are left standing there with a rather large child strapped to your front and another one being pushed in a stroller. "Oops, sorry ma'am, no more room." Are you kidding me?! The most annoying part is that they could ride the ESCALATOR! I mean my first thought is that they are just really lazy but then I think how lazy would they have to be to not want to ride an escalator?! Is it really too much work to step onto it and let it take you downstairs? Seriously, I wish you could see it. The doors on the MRT open and people will literally race for the elevator. It makes me want to scream. I highly doubt I will make it the whole year without completely losing it on some group of people on the elevator. Now whenever Brennan is with me we will just take the escalator with the stroller. It's just a little too tricky to do on my own with the kids.

Sigh...rant over. Thanks for listening. :)

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  1. Rachel: "Oh yeah I live in Singapore in a 13th story apartment and go to festivals where people pierce each other and my life is not exciting." ha! you crack me up.

    That is really funny that Tatum sticks her foot out to keep the door from closing. And that video is awesome! Of course they don't do their normal stuff when you turn the camera on, right? It's still cute. And I think you need to start dishing out some mom glares to those turds who leave no room for you in the elevator. That makes me mad. Maybe they're brainwashed into thinking the elevator gives them secret powers or something.