Monday, February 2, 2015

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

On Thursday there was yet more work to bed done at our place. Painting this time and it really meant we had to be gone ALL day. Once again, Brennan's work was awesome and just told him to take the day off. Score! This time we headed to the Botanic Gardens right in the heart of the city. We are working hard to make sure we make as many rookie mistakes as possible, but that's good right? Then when all of you come visit ;) we will have made all the mistakes and hopefully learned from them so everything with be super smooth. This time we didn't really research how big the gardens are or where exactly the Children's gardens are located. So we took the train and then a bus and then realized we were on the opposite end of the gardens and had about 2 miles to walk to get where we needed to be. It was only about 3 hours after we left the house that we finally made it to our destination. No biggie. But it was totally worth it, it was a blast! Plus, what else would be doing? Might as well take a walk as a family.

Some pictures in the Botanic Gardens but before we got to the Children's Garden.

This was the rainforest walk. We saw some disgustingly huge spiders. Gross.

We made it! Time to get busy cranking so we could get some mist to cool us off.

Love this picture of Tatum getting scared by the mist.

We loved the suspended bridge. And Declan's "where are we, I just woke up face" is priceless.

Tatum was positively gleeful about the tree house. It was pretty sweet.

Playing house is a new obsession around here and these little huts just worked perfectly for it.
Declan is a bit of a drama king sometimes. It's far away but I had to document it.

More house playing.

Good thing we were headed to the splash pad next because this boy was covered in sand.

Family teeter totter time.

What a model. :) Haha, the other day a lady saw Declan and said "oh so..(in the exact tone of voice that would cause you to anticipate the word cute) ...chubby." Hahahahaha.

Cool tree.
It is so fun to watch Declan start to really idolize Tatum. He just loves to go sit next to her and then look up at her as if he is waiting to be told what to do next.

Another great outing in the books. After quite some time in the splash pad we changed the kids and then made the trek home. Tatum curled up in a ball on the bus and fell right asleep.

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  1. I think Peter and Declan could be twins. so much drama! And chubby. :) this looks like a fun outing! I probably would have curled up and went to sleep on the bus home too. Hope they finish your apartment soon!