Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day here in Singapore. We started the day off right, with some heart shaped pancakes. 

Then we headed out on what could possibly be our worst public transportation experience yet. We really need to get better at the whole map reading thing and getting second "opinions" on what different apps tell us is the best route. We had a very long, very hot walk to get us not really where we wanted to go. But oh well. We stopped and ate some PB&J and that seemed to cheer up the whiniest of us all.
And then we had a little beach all to all ourselves at East Coast Park and that was a lot of fun. Everyone told us the beaches were just as awful as any in Singapore but I'm thinking they must have never been to Pasir Ris park or Changi beach, because compared to both of those this beach was a dream! Still nothing to write home about, but definitely a huge improvement.

Tatum thought the waves were fun most of the time.
Declan was terrified.

But he could shovel sand into a bucket all day long.
Daddy trying to help them build a sand castle. Mostly unsuccessful.
He did, however, succeed at burying Tatum in the sand. She actually didn't mind until he ran up to where Declan and I were sitting to get the camera. While he was gone a pretty big wave came and the poor girl was trapped and terrified.
After the beach we decided to stop at the splash pad on our way home. Tatum showed us some pretty awesome "tricks".
We got a new camera awhile back and I have been trying to learn how to take better pictures ever since. Every once in awhile I feel like I take an okay one. This one is probably my favorite picture I have ever taken.
Tatum being a weirdo sitting on one of the spouts.
There are often live performers outside the malls and this guy painted himself silver from head to toe and then just stood there like a statue while music played. Every once in awhile he was start dancing and doing some very poor lip synching. It sort of seemed like he was waiting for tips before he would start moving but then we saw a couple people give him money and he just kept standing there. It was strange.
Enjoying some V-day DQ with my favorite girl.
We had dinner in dessert in the wrong order. After ice cream we headed home for some heart shaped pizza and breadsticks. Yum!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day as well!

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  1. Rachel. What have you been doing, sun bathing? You look super tan! And your kids are just getting cuter. I think your pictures are awesome. Photography is complicated, isn't it? It always hurts my brain. It's too bad those Chinese gardens weren't lit up! And what's up with that dude with the guitar? so weird. I'm glad you took a picture. You guys are becoming picnic professionals. :)