Saturday, February 14, 2015

family walks

Another part of our new routine is family walks. There are several small playgrounds around our complex so almost every evening between dinner and bedtime we will head downstairs and walk the loop. It's probably my favorite time of the day. More often than not Tatum will ride her bike and I am so glad we were able to fit in our luggage and bring it with us. She has already improved so much on it since we got here. Although she does seem to be magnetically drawn to Declan while she is on it. It's a bit dangerous.

What a crazy monkey.

Declan was mad he couldn't climb the slide like Tatum. He kind of gets mad a lot.
But at least he usually gets over it quickly. :)

One night these kids were playing "Scissors, paper, stone" :) and Declan just walked right over to them, joined their circle and watched. It was hard to get him to move on. He was mesmerized.

Crazy eyes!

Declan rides the elevator like this every time. He has to be ready to bolt out the second the doors open.
Fun on the slide.

Love the beautiful evenings we have been having and the opportunity we have to enjoy them as a family.

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  1. Super cool tradition. That's awesome that you were able to bring Tatum's bike.