Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai

We rung in the New Year quite quietly on Thursday. We just sort of lazed about in the morning (Thursday and Friday were national holidays so Brennan didn't have to work). We made some of the paper airplanes from the kit grandma sent us and flew them around the house.

Then we put Declan down for an early nap and Tatum got to go to the park with Dad to fly her kite. An activity she has been waiting to do for ages. We were going to do it on Valentine's Day but East Coast Park has a no kite flying rule due to low flying aircraft. Because you know, our dollar store kite could get pretty close to those airplanes if we aren't careful. ;)

Brennan also helped her climb in the ropes which is her favorite thing. But I have told her no so many times when she has asked (due to chasing Declan around because I'm alone with the two kids) that she is convinced I am incapable of helping her. Only her dad can.
He also spoiled her and bought some ice cream.
When they got home we headed on another long walking adventure that took us from point A to...point A. It was awesome. At least we got to play a splash pad after all that walking in the heat.
Love his expression.
And that was our very low-key day this holiday weekend.

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  1. Sooo fun! Gosh I am jealous of your warm weather! Tatum is looking so old! And how is her hair sooo long! Those pigtails are SO long! poor Kate's hair I feel like doesn't grow.