Wednesday, August 2, 2017

backyard camping

The kids got to camp in the backyard with daddy. A real camping trip was on our list of things to do this summer but we still haven't made that happen so I'm glad we took advantage of this opportunity for a backyard version. We had hot dogs, watermelon and s'mores. Pretty classic.

Tatum helped with putting up the tent. She loves that sort of thing.
So much concentration.

While Brennan was reading them stories I channeled my "inner Brennan" and sneaked outside to scratch the side of the tent. Totally freaked them out, especially Tatum. 

Everyone slept well. I know I did anyway haha. Tatum desperately wanted to stay awake to see the stars come out but just couldn't quite make it. Brennan tried to wake her when they finally did but was unsuccessful. They fell asleep so quickly Brennan was even able to come back in the house and watch a little show with me before bed.

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