Wednesday, August 2, 2017

june in-betweens

Hopefully all those mini posts will make this random June post a little less beastly. 

We went to the Children's Museum which is always a good time. We tried out a photo booth there which was a first for us. 
Flying the airplane.
I realized it was National Donut Day pretty late in the day but Brennan managed to whip up some spud nuts so we could honor the holiday. :)
I took the kids to the Home Depot kids workshop. This is a favorite activity of Tatum's and Declan's but this was my first time taking them. Usually it's Brennan's thing with them. I've been feeling lately like I miss out on a lot of fun with them because I'm usually the one to hang back with Emry so Brennan encouraged me to take them this time. I thought it was real great of him until I realized how much work it is! And I was a sucker and let them paint their project. Apparently he never does. I just figured they'd never offered paint before.

Happy little builders.

Her concentration can't be beat. And her tongue!
We went to Summerfest at Rockwell Collins. Always a good time. Can't beat free helmets and making your own box of cereal.

We successfully wore Declan out I guess. He fell asleep at church like this.
Dinner out. A rare and fun treat.
Pretty girl with a pretty flower.
They've been digging up all the corners of sidewalk in our neighborhood to put "rumble strips" in. I'm sure they have a real name but I have no idea what it is. It makes going for walks a huge pain but it makes for a happy boy watching some construction workers.
Her straight out legs kill me.

We stopped by a baseball field on our walk and the kids ran the bases. They thought it was the greatest so we walked back a couple days later with our ball and bat and played some ball.

Bath time is her favorite. Post past time is her nemesis.
I had another Relief Society activity in June. We had an Iron Chef competition. I had a hard time getting enough judges so Brennan kindly stepped up for me. There was some great food and I think everyone had a good time. Whew!
We discovered we could ride our bikes to a really nice, big park about three miles from our house. About half the ride is on a trail so we aren't even near roads which is much less stressful with kids. There's a splash pad at the park so on a hot Saturday we rode there, had a picnic lunch and the kids cooled off in the water and then we rode home. It is the perfect family activity!
Declan's weird low blood sugar problem continues. If he doesn't eat dinner, which isn't terribly uncommon, he is often sick in the morning. He will throw up once or twice and then his appetite pretty much comes on with a vengeance. But since he just threw up I'm always leery about giving him too much too fast. He is really lethargic and tired for several hours and by afternoon he is back to his usual self. I've never actually taken his blood sugar, that's just a guess.  Here is on one of the mornings. We had gotten past the throw up and he had eaten quite a bit but his energy was taken it's sweet time coming back to him.
Apparently eating out isn't as rare as it feels, because here we are again!
Pretty flowers from our yard.
One Saturday we planned to meet our friends at the lake. Only to get there and discover the beach was closed! Major bummer. So instead we stopped at a new-to-us splash pad and picnicked there. Not as fun but what can you do.

The kids and I walked to the park one afternoon. A few minutes after we got there we started hearing thunder. It looked like a tiny cloud so I decided we could just take shelter in the pavilion while it passed over. I looked at the radar on my phone and at the sky and decided there was a little break and we should head for home before another cell got to us. The kids were on their bikes and I was pushing Emry in a stroller. We didn't even get out of the park before it was dumping on us and we decided to run back to the pavilion.  Oh boy. We ended up being stuck there for quite awhile. Such adventures. haha

I was making sourdough bread that day for the very first time so I was extra anxious to get home to take care of it. For my first time I'd say it turned out alright!
Brennan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary in June. We hadn't been home for an evening together as a family in over a week so we decided to just be home with the kids. Then after they went to bed we got some half priced appetizers from Applebee's and watched a show. It was actually really fun and yummy. I imagine we will do it for a date night again.
This baby in a bike helmet. Too much.

Picking dandelions for me.

Interesting way to ride a scooter...

More sourdough bread. It's happening about once a week around these parts. It's fun! And tasty!

Crazy kids. "Freezing cold" on a June morning in Iowa.
Art activity at the library. Again with the concentration. She and Declan are polar opposites in that department.
I was playing bad guys with kids one day and we started setting traps for whoever was the bad guy using Cheerios. After awhile I left them on their own to play and went inside to get some things done. I glanced back out and they were lining Cheerios up to make a trail on the sidewalk and Tatum was going to have Declan eat them. I told her they shouldn't set them on the ground if they were going to eat them, they should be on something. I came back out later to see this:
They made a trail using everything they could find in the garage and put Cheerios on top of each thing. It was hilarious. And probably annoying for anyone who tried to walk by haha.
Just pushing a superhero on a swing. NBD.

Declan learned to ride a two wheeler! Just when I was beginning to think he would never learn to pedal. One day he suddenly could and only a few days later the training wheels were off. I was shocked and impressed. Not exactly what I expected given his personality. 

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  1. Looks like a spectacular month and seriously Declan can ride a bike amazing! If I could only get Collin to master his balance bike ha ha