Wednesday, August 2, 2017

county fair

I took the kids to kids day at the county fair. It was a beautiful day so my parents decided to meet us there. It was overcast, it wasn't too crowded, and there were plenty of fun things for the kids to do. It was a great morning.
Papa was the selected train ride chaperone.
This girl was probably mostly bored to tears and sick and tired of being in her stroller but she was a trooper. And eventually fell asleep for a short nap.

The sand box was probably one of their favorite things. Kids.
This. Oh this was just too good. They wanted their faces painted so badly. So we waited in line. It wasn't painfully long but pretty close. There was a lovely display board of options for your face paint. So most of our time in line was spent trying to make the difficult and all important choice of what to have painted on our faces. Declan chose Batman. As in the iconic Batman symbol with the moon behind it. And he got this:
It was all I could do not to look completely horrified when he turned around to show me. What the heck?!

Tatum chose a butterfly. As in a butterfly with wings spread but sideways on your face so it's taking up one whole half of your face and the body is small and horizontal. If that makes sense. This was the result:
To be honest I felt kind of embarrassed to walk around the fairgrounds with them after this, as if it was somehow my fault or a reflection on me.

Good times, good times.

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