Saturday, August 19, 2017

cousins in town

My sister had a baby in June and the only way she was going to be able to make it to our family reunion in July is if she came back to Iowa with my parents for about a week and a half before the reunion. We were all pretty sad about having a week with cousins before the reunion...not! It was tons of fun! I took surprisingly few photos though. 

To start off our time together my mom and Mara and her kids came to a splash pad meet up I had with some ladies from church. Emry never got in the splash pad and I swear she was in the shade of a tree the entire time. And yet...
 It was pretty much gone the next morning but yikes!

They joined us for a t-ball class with Coach Jed at the library.

 The facial expressions on Declan in this next series are just too much. This kid!

Brand new baby snuggles? Don't mind if I do! We were so happy to be able to meet baby Lincoln so early in his little life. That doesn't always happen!
 Tried to get a little documentation of our efforts to get the whole crew to the park on wheels.
 We spent a day in Nauvoo. My parents were working at the temple, the Eskelsens were going to the temple, and our friends were getting sealed. So Mara was kind enough to come spend the day in Nauvoo so we could all still spend time together. We got to take the kids on some of the tours and they loved it.
 These kids are seriously lucky to have Aunt Crystal. She spoils them nonstop. She got them all a treat at the fudge shop.
 Mara and her kiddos in front of the temple.
 It was pageant season in Nauvoo. We weren't up for staying for the show but we did stay for the pre-pageant festivities. Papa was a good sport and pulled the crew around in a handcart. More than once.

 Lincoln's hair is the best.
 Tatum loved having a tiny baby to hold. Emry just won't cooperate these days. And it's amazing what a difference 10 months makes. Tatum has always been good with Emry but she is even more capable with a baby now!
 Chaos. Pure chaos. They went to the basement and got dress ups on to put on a show for us. Then they came upstairs and acted like wild animals with a serious case of the giggles. It was loud, hilarious, and maybe kind of annoying haha.
 And let's just take another look at Tatum squeezed into the under jumpsuit for the Olaf costume. With a tutu on for good measure.
 We tried real hard to get Emry's goofy scrunchy nosed grin on camera. We finally managed this one.
 Mara's family stayed at our house for a few days. I love mornings with kids when no one is fighting yet and their volume hasn't quite reached its maximum. On this morning Ella, Jade and Tatum were so nicely taking turns reading books to each other and helping each other out with hard words. It was pretty sweet.
 Declan loved some Lincoln time as well.
 Fun at the park.

 Lucy and Declan. Oh these two. They liked nothing more than to push each other's buttons. They would choose to sit next to each other just so they could fight. For the entire 2.5 weeks we were together. So fun. Not obnoxious at all.
 Grandma gave Emry a chocolate chip muffin one morning at her house. Emry was pleased as punch. And it was quite a mess.

 Someone decided it was a good idea to let the kids play in the sprinkler right after mowing the lawn haha. Everyone needed a pretty serious hose down afterward. And grandma was definitely serious about it with her power sprayer. I got way too much joy out of watching them all get power sprayed with freezing cold water.

 Tatum's face! Lucky shot.

 A little showtime to give us all some peace. Notice that Declan and Lucy are sitting next to each other. Why?? Whyyyyyyy?
 Teeter totter fun at Davis Park.

 And a cute baby still refusing to crawl to finish us off.
It's always so fun to have visitors. Makes Iowa more exciting and life more full. We were all a little worried that the kids might be to full fighting mode before the reunion even started but with the exception of Lucy and Declan they all did so well the entire time. Cousin time is the best time.

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  1. Such a fun time - even if I was a little bit of an emotional, sleep deprived, postpartum mess.