Wednesday, August 2, 2017

father's day

I love having the opportunity to celebrate Brennan and what an awesome and involved father he is, even if I don't do a very good job of making it a big celebration. 

Emry started off the day with some naked lunging, teasing us that maybe she would crawl soon. But that definitely didn't happen. Her flexibility is impressive though.
The kids are always so excited to give him his gifts. I wonder if he could tell what this one was...haha.
The kids painted this frame for him for his desk at work. I wonder if he loves it as much as I do.
I don't really know why but I love this photo I just happened to catch. I guess because it shows something about Brennan that I love. He is at least as likely to take a picture of the kids as I am and I love that. And they are way better at smiling for him than for me. Little stinkers.
Tried to get a photo of the father with all his kids but they were pretty much haphazard and ridiculous. I'll still share them all with you though. You're welcome...

Emry 😂

My dad and Brennan showed what awesome men/father's they are by totally playing along with Declan's make believe play. He could play pretend all day every day and they were great sports about it.
A little Father's day cuddle.

Tried to get some good pictures of the kids but it just wasn't our day. They didn't go much better than the pictures with Brennan haha.
His mini bow tie is killing me.

Love that easy, real smile.
Okay, okay, I guess they went better than I remembered. Some of these are cute!

We made shrimp and salmon for the guys for dinner. We are certainly grateful for all the great dads in our lives and hope they know we love them!

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